The Super Bowl this past weekend was pretty great, but of course I also want to bring attention to this year’s ads! While there were some great advertisements, I want to share with you my favorites and least favorites.

This year, many of the advertisements were in quite different from what we have seen in the past. We saw that there was a more serious undertone to these commercials and we also saw a “dadvertising” trend. Both of these new trends have led to some great spots and I want to highlight two spots that I am especially glad were part of the Super Bowl.


Every year, Doritos does a fantastic job finding the perfect combination between funny and brand promotion. This is most likely due to the competition they hold, but this just shows how consumers are able to create the most relevant and engaging content. This specific commercial is no exception to this trend. Hands down, the funniest commercial this Super Bowl.


For this category, I would have to say it was a tie between these two, in my book. Like last year, Budweiser did a great job bringing this pup back, and how can one not love this ad. Though, on the other hand, this new trend of “dadvertising” brought in many commercials with dads as the main characters. I really like how many spots focused on the hard work of fathers, but this Nissan #WithDad spot really did it for me (I won’t disclose if tears were shed or not).

Least Favorite: 

This Game of War commercial was definitely the worst spot I had seen during this year’s Super Bowl. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Kate Upton and this game have been hijacking my smartphone app commercials for the past three months, and I still have no remote interest in playing the game. This spot definitely overdid the Kate Upton and Game of War combination for me.

Now, onto the more serious stuff.

I mentioned earlier that this Super Bowl had a more serious undertone. Of course, like we all say, there were still many sentimental and humorous spots, but there was also a throw in of some serious material- something that we’ve never seen before.

Here’s one:

This anti-domestic violence PSA was the first of it’s kind to be featured in a line up of commercials that are trying to sell us products. While this PSA played largely due to the NFL, the message is still important and powerful.

Here’s another:

This spot isn’t a new one, necessarily. It was released earlier last year, but premiered for a much larger crowd during the Super Bowl. The message of this spot is definitely a powerful one, and in my opinion, a much needed one in the world and time we live in, today. If you would like to read more about my thoughts on this spot, feel free to read the post I wrote last year.


Well, these are my thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl commercials. I definitely enjoyed the game, but these commercials definitely made the commercial breaks enjoyable! I’d love to hear about your thoughts on the commercials, feel free to leave a comment!



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