Welcome to 2018! With a clean slate ahead of us, saying welcome to 2018 has been an interesting experience – it feels partially as if nothing has changed, but also as if so much can change in the next 12 months. As much as we make fun of the “new year, new me” cliche, I like to think that every year I’ll become better at sticking to my resolutions. Every year that I can remember, I’ve started the year with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish or become better at … and sadly enough, I didn’t really manage to make many moves in accomplishing them. So, this year, I’m trying something new – instead of resolutions, I’d like to make intentions. I think I’ll probably be better at sticking to my goals if they are my intentions, rather than resolutions that get left behind two or three months into the year, with no motivation to pick back up once forgotten. The difference with intentions is that there is no drop off point – every day is a fresh start, and all your intentions remain intentions even if forgotten for a day, or week, or even month during the year!

In 2018, I intend to….
  • live in the here and now, and worry less about the unknowns
  • recommit to creating more content for this corner of the internet I get to call my own
  • become more intentional about where and on whom I spend my energy
  • focus on me – my health, my future, and my passions
  • read more, and find time for the little things

For me, 2017 was neither particularly exciting nor disappointing – I had the opportunity to learn, explore and all in all, it was a solid year. However, 2018, I know, will hold a few milestones and also so many unknowns. For reason, I want to make the effort to live intentionally – It’s easy to live out of habit and make excuses when your resolutions and goals don’t fit into your routine, but that is why this year,  I want to do less out of habit and more out of passion and purpose. I want to be able to look back upon this year and truly think that I utilized the twelve months as best possible, and not simply have average memories. It’s fine to not feel strongly one way or another about the year, but with 365 days to make something good happen, I think it’s worth a shot at being intentional day in and day out.

So, with all the cliche’s of a new year – I leave you with a welcome note to 2018 and one simple question: what are your intentions for this new year?


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